Meet The Chanticleer’s



Upright Bass  – Jeff Scheller

Jeff  just loves to play the upright bass. He’s been playing bass in all types of music from popular country and bluegrass  to rock-a-billy since the early 80’s. 

Guitar – Jim Scott …

Jim is an accomplished multitalented guitarist as well as any other string instrument he touches. His vocals  and arrangements bring a soulful touch to this four piece band.

Resophonic Guitar  – Chet Hogue …

Chet’s music resume of accomplishments is extensive…and would take pages to list. Just a few highlights in a long music career Country Music Hall of Fame and Country Current ( The United States Bluegrass Navy Band) to name a few.

Mandolin – Tom Carpenter …

Tom is know for his hard driving playing and comedic entertainment. His vocals and harmonies rounds out this four piece group.